Here we are at home...

In the idyllic town of Le Landeron NE you will find our charter home base.

A pleasant welcome directly at the harbour and easy access to the boat are guaranteed.

Our main goal is to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

An unforgettable trip...


At home in the beautiful Swiss Seeland, we look forward to accompanying you on your journey through Switzerland's longest waterway. 

Switzerland offers a diversity of nature and landscapes and has something for everyone.

Let yourself be enchanted by the blue bays, the white sandy beaches and the vines in front of the Alps covered in icing sugar. 



Nestled in the Seeland are the three lakes connected by canals: Lake Biel, Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Murten. 

The region of Lake Biel is known for its magnificent, almost sinful vineyards and the villages along the water. In addition, the Petersinsel (St. Peter's Island), a green tongue of land jutting into Lake Biel, is a feast for the eyes in its own right. 



With an area of 218.3 km2 , Lake Neuchâtel is the largest lake located entirely in Switzerland. It is located in the cantons of Bern, Neuchâtel, Fribourg and Vaud. On Lake Neuchâtel you will find beautiful blue bays framed by breathtaking nature reserves as well as exciting excursion destinations in the beautiful towns and villages around the lake. 



The city of Biel with its picturesque old town invites you to shop and linger. Known as a watch dynasty, Biel is the mother city of many famous watch brands such as Rolex, Omega and Swatch. Visit Nicolas Haiyeck in his museum. 


From Neuchâtel, you can reach the source of one of the tributaries of the Jura water correction 

of the Jura water correction. Cross the Areuse Gorge on foot and enjoy the rippling of the water that has been carving its way through the limestone of the Jura Mountains for millions of years. 

limestone of the Jura mountains. 

At the end of this hike, you can fortify yourself with a nice drop of Oeil-de-perdrix. 

This rosé wine is one of the specialities of the wine canton of Neuchâtel. 

The Green Fairy, the absinthe that comes from the Val de Travers, is just as famous as it is legendary. Once banned as the devil's stuff, it is now allowed to be drunk again. The people of Neuchâtel also like to use it to refine dishes. 


Neuchâtel would be unthinkable without the following specialities; fish from the lakes and rivers of the region, such as fillet de perche and roasted whitefish fillet meunier. Also refined sausage dishes from the local butcher and the strong Neuchâtel cheese fondue. 


After a leisurely river cruise, the Breuerkanal leads you to Lake Murten, where you will find the exceptional, almost medieval town of Murten, in addition to beautiful landscapes and walking trails. The town is synonymous with culinary delights, light festivals and classical concerts throughout the year. A tasty tip: Gâteau de Vully, the finest cream icing on yeast dough. 

A must on every visit. 



In addition, we provide you with a travel guide with various options for stays and excursions as well as recommendations, such as menus for preparing the local specialities. 

specialities, at your disposal. 

Likewise, on request, we fill the cellar with the finest wines and packed lunches. 

The products are freshly prepared by us and can be stored and cooked on board without any effort. 

This way you can have a great menu on the table at any time within a few minutes 

as if you had a private chef on board.

What more could you want! 


At 3 Lacs Yacht Charter, we want to offer you unforgettable holidays on the three Jura lakes, accompanied by regional culinary specialities. 

Our aim is to make you feel comfortable and at home at all times.